Orofino Stole My Heart

Orofino stole my heart last summer. From my first day in this amazing town it immediately captured my heart. Between the gorgeous scenery and wild life to the most kindhearted citizens there was no way I wasn’t going to fall in love with this small town.

I spent 3 months in Orofino for an internship but after being here for only a month I realized this is where I belonged. I knew it was only a matter of time before I came back for good. Coming from Arizona it was like stepping into an alternate reality filled with wildlife, trees and more trees.

I spent most of my weekends in Idaho adventuring and traveling around the state and the whole Pacific Northwest. I was left utterly speechless every time I drove to a new place. Every single town I drove through and stopped at left me in awe of its raw beauty. From Orofino to Elk River to Lewiston to Spokane to Coeur de Alene to Seattle, there was not one disappointment.

Everything I needed and wanted to experience was within a maximum of a 5 hour drive. If you ever come to Orofino, make sure to stay at the best B&B in town and get to know Jo with her unbelievably delicious cooking and warmest heart. Then make sure you go check out the Dworshak Dam, Dent Bridge and definitely find time to spend on Dworshak lake you will not be disappointed.

I honestly am so happy to be back in town and calling it home! Happy adventuring!

-Kali Gagné Morici

P.S. Check out my summer time video here!

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Summer Time at The High Country Inn

Summer is in full swing around here right now!

Guests are loving the hot tub and are taking in all of the trees, grass and flowers in bloom that they can. This is definitely not a time of the year you want to miss out here in Idaho!


Our most recent guests were soaking up everything they could at the inn before they left! They are hoping you will come do the same!

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116 & West Loves the High Country Inn

Last week we hosted 116 & West (previously DaviesMoore) for their yearly company retreat. Over twenty advertising professionals came and stayed with us for two days and enjoyed some relaxation, good food and fun. Below is what they had to stay about their stay!

We can’t say enough about how great our High Country Inn experience! We brought 21 people for our annual employee retreat and were so impressed by the hospitality.  The cabins were clean, cozy, and roomy—there was plenty of space for everyone! All the cabins had their own quaint feel. We slept great and loved the peace and quiet you can only find in the mountains.

We had some incredible meals, too. Jo, Richard, and Cathy were amazing hosts—making us breakfast, lunch, and dinner while treating us like family from the very beginning. We all ate too much during our stay, but every bite was worth it!

We loved that the High Country Inn provided so many spaces for all of us to spend time together. We spent a day out on the Dworshak Reservoir boating, paddleboarding, wake surfing and relaxing. Back at the Inn, we sat together around the big fire pit, played lawn games in the sunken garden, ate together in the Main Lodge, played pool in the Game Room, and enjoyed talking on the back porch.

The lawn in front of the cabins was a great place for morning yoga. The sounds of the wind and birds was the perfect, peaceful accompaniment to our practice.

Thank you again and again to Jo, Richard, and Cathy for such great stay. Our hearts and bellies are full!

– The 116 & West Team

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