Hi all,

Today we have a recommendation for our “Things To Do” section of the blog from a past visitor here at the inn. Two guests took a day trip up to Elk River to visit the Big Cedar and surrounding areas and here’s what they had to say….

If you are up to a little adventure, take a trip to the city of Elk River, and then on to the “Big Cedar”, one of the largest trees in the Americas – a giant Western Red Cedar. Your trip will start out on a winding, paved road (Dent Bridge Road) through the countryside until you get to the bridge that crosses the Dworshak Reservoir. You need to stop there and take in the views. Dent Bridge is something out of the ordinary that you would never expect to come across in the middle of Idaho. It is is the second highest reservoir bridge ever built in North America.

The road then turns into a gravel road which winds through a logging area until you come to the city of Elk River.

The Huckleberry Heaven General Store is a MUST stop for huckleberry ice cream and/or lunch. Talk to the store owner – she really knows her huckleberries. She can also tell you how to get to the “Big Cedar” – approximately 10 miles away. On your way you will be taking another drive through nature, beautiful forests, babbling brooks and some possible wildlife. Finally, you will get to the area of the “Big Cedar”. Walk around to see the magnificent cedar groves. The path is paved, accessible and is a National Recreational Trail that leads to the “Big Cedar” which is over 18 feet wide and 177 feet tall, not to mention over 3,000 years old. Wow!

On your way back to the High Country Inn, take the long way around by going west from Elk River on State Route 8. If you are up to it, there is a series of waterfalls just west of Elk River called Elk River Falls that is well worth a 30 minute hike to get to. Then going west, you head to Deary, turn left on Route 3 South through some great farms. Then back down to Route 12 and the Clearwater River. Finally, you will be back at The High Country Inn for a bit of downtime.


Hope you find time to carve out for this adventure the next time you are in town.

– Mike and Debbie