Fishing is the “Go To” Activity on the Clearwater River as well as on the Dworshak Reservoir!

Whether it’s guided or on your own, fishing is lively in Clearwater Valley! Take your pick; be it rainbow trout, small mouth bass, steelhead trout, or Chinook salmon, these fish can all be found on the Clearwater River.  Then there’s fishing from the road at the bottom of Dworshak Dam, where anglers line up for their spot to fish without a boat   If you have either a trolling or a bigger and faster boat, you’ve got 55 miles of beautiful lake to fish in, launching from any of several areas on the reservoir, from Bruce’s Eddy, Big Eddy, Freeman Creek, or Canyon Creek.

Dworshak Reservoir is gaining the reputation of being the spot to catch the greatest small mouth bass around, and a huge quantity of the prized land-locked salmon, the Kokanee

Guided fishing is readily available to fish both the Clearwater as well as Dworshak Dam, if you don’t have your own boat, so there’s no excuse to miss out on a wonderful adventure!



The High Country Inn is located less than ten minutes from either the river or the reservoir, and offers the most comfortable lodging,  delicious meals,  ample parking space for boats, and most important,  the friendliest hospitality. A home-cooked breakfast is part of the nightly rate, and dinners and packed lunches can also be ordered. A fine selection of beer and wine is available, also.


Despite lockdowns and social distancing, winter fishing on the Clearwater is just as popular as always. Whether it is for a few days or longer, we are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure our guests can still go out and get some fish. Here are just a few of our guests from Seattle, who recently joined us and the fish that they managed to catch and take home with them.